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Stoneham Golf Course: Course: OPEN Clubhouse: OPEN. Academy: OPEN. Halfway hut OPEN.

Health & Safety

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At times of danger and abnormal conditions the golf course will be closed for play, those conditions are thunderstorms when there is a likelihood of lightening, and fog, the closure will be notified by using all available means such as the club website and notices on the first tee, or when necessary, the sounding of the fog horn. The course will not be opened until such a time as the 2nd bunker on the right of the 1st hole is visible from the flagpole by the Clubhouse, or the passing of thunderstorms has occurred.

On occasions when ground conditions dictate that the use of powered carts is not safe, the course will closed to all powered carts.

This policy will be enforced by the Course Manager.

Safety Information And General Courtesy

* For the safety and enjoyment of all please ensure that you do not play, or make a practice swing if anyone is standing close by, or is in a position to be hit by the golf club.

* Do not play until the players in front are clearly out of your range.

Call FORE! Immediately if there is a chance of your ball hitting someone. If you hear a call of FORE! Immediately turn away from the call, adapt a crouch position covering your head.

Give way to the greenstaff in their work, they will move aside at the earliest opportunity and wave you through when safe.

Follow all safety instructions on the golf course and buggies.

Report any accident or near miss incident to the club office at the earliest opportunity.

Stoneham GC Lightning Policy

Lightning / General

If it is decided that it is unsafe to continue to play golf as a storm approaches, a klaxon will sound to call all golfers off the course and into the clubhouse. If there is a risk of lightning play MUST be discontinued. Stoneham Golf Club is not responsible for your safety on this matter. You are advised NOT to continue play and NOT to seek shelter under trees. Remove yourself from the golf course by the quickest possible route towards the clubhouse.

Lightning / Competition Play

Rule 6-8 as stated in the R&A Rules of Golf will apply to all competitions and matches where there is a risk of lightning. In the eventuality of lightning and danger play WILL be discontinued, you must mark your ball position before lifting. Play will resume if conditions change and are considered SAFE Where play has been suspended due to lightning, play must be resumed where it was discontinued, even if resumption occurs on a subsequent day.

Lightning / Golf Buggies

Please note that golf buggies do NOT give protection from lightning.


Please be aware that during hot and sunny weather Adders will sunbathe on stones & banks on the course. They should not attack you unless they are threatened. Most of the time they will move off into the undergrowth as you approach. Please do not attack them as they are protected species. In the unlikely event that you are bitten stop playing and leave the course immediately. Get taken to Southampton General.


Information about ticks to be added soon.

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